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Sanne doula


Hi and welcome! It’s likely that you landed on this page because you are expecting a baby: congratulations! An unforgettable time is about to start. And maybe you also experience some tension when thinking about what is about to happen.

My name is Sanne and as a doula I give parents(-to be) emotional and physical support during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. I do this with lots of love and I honestly believe this is the best job in the world. The whole process of birth keeps fascinating me and it is always a huge honour to be part of the special moment when not only a baby but also parents are 'born'. My ultimate goal is to support new parents (and the baby too) in experiencing the birth in a positive way and therefore having the best possible start of this new chapter.

In addition to being a doula, I am also a professional (birth) photographer. I capture all the milestones that are to come for you with love and a sense of detail, even if I am not your doula. You will cherish these images for the rest of your life, because they take you back to this special period.

With love,

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